Will I receive a welcome pack and membership card?
Once I have joined, how long do I have to wait to use my membership?
Who can I contact if my card has been lost or stolen?
Can I update my personal information online?
Is my personal data secure?
What should I do if I forget my app or website login details?
What benefits can I access with my membership?
Can I search for a lounge online?
Is there an App I can download?
How do I download the App?
Do I use the same login details to access my benefits through the App and website?
Does the App work offline?
Can I use the membership abroad?
Who can I call if I have any queries?
Who administers my airport lounge membership?
Who do I contact to give feedback on a lounge or my DragonPass Premier membership?
Is there a limit on how many times I can visit a lounge?
Can I pre-book an airport lounge visit?
Can I cancel or amend a pre-booking lounge request?
How many airport lounges can I access?
How do I locate a lounge in the airport?
How long can I stay in the lounge?
Can I take other people into a lounge if they do not have a membership?
Can I take children into an airport lounge and what facilities are there?
Can I access a lounge if I have forgotten my card?
What facilities can I expect to find in a lounge?
Is there Wi-Fi access in the lounges?
Do I need any other documents as well as my membership card to access the lounge?
Can I use a lounge irrespective of the airline I am travelling with and class of my ticket?
Can someone else use my card to gain access?
How do I view my lounge visits?
Are the airport lounges run by DragonPass?
Do lounges provide flight information?
What discount will I receive at the airport restaurants?
How do I know which restaurants will give me a discount?
What is the process for receiving a discount at an airport restaurant?
Can I use a spa treatment as one of my inclusive lounge visits?
How do I know which Spas will give me a discount?
Do I need to make an appointment at the Spa before I arrive at the airport?